Numerous individuals see the main indications of maturing in their face amid their 40s: the facial skin turns out to be less firm; the primary cheeks show up along the jawline; and the neck begins to droop with free skin and muscle. On the off chance that you are searching for an approach to address these early indications of maturing, a small scale facelift in Houston at the Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery may be your ideal arrangement. The smaller than normal cosmetic touch up, additionally called the “end of the week cosmetic touch up”, is a reviving treatment for patients with gentle to direct indications of facial maturing. It can offer amazing, characteristic looking outcomes with less downtime than a conventional full facelift.

On the off chance that you are keen on reestablishing and keeping up an invigorated look, ask for a conference with Dr. Yalamanchili to check whether you are a possibility for the smaller than normal cosmetic touch up in Houston, Texas. You can likewise call our office at

What the Weekend Face Lift Can Do

The end of the week cosmetic touch up targets particular issue territories that have started to show undesirable indications of maturing. It is an awesome decision for patients in their 40s who wish to lessen slight listing around the jawline, neck, and cheeks and fix muscles in assigned territories.

Methods of the Mini Face Lift

The cuts are commonly littler than the ones utilized as a part of a full cosmetic touch up, and nearby anesthesia can be utilized rather than general anesthesia. The objective of the smaller than expected cosmetic touch up is to reestablish the young shape of the face: a very much characterized jawline and neck with revision of any over the top free skin in the lower confront. Since this technique is performed in those situations where there is just mellow to direct maturing, the muscles in the face and neck don’t require broad work and the consequent mending and “down” time is essentially diminished. The end of the week cosmetic touch up is done in less time than a customary cosmetic touch up and, as a result of the diminished down time, patients can have returned to work sooner.

Picking Your Procedure

With the wide assortment of corrective facial medications offered at the Belage Center, it is anything but difficult to discover a mix that meets your own magnificence objectives. Our specialist and bolster group are eager to clarify the greater part of your alternatives, including the little cosmetic touch up. Our end of the week cosmetic touch up is likewise more reasonable than a full cosmetic touch up, and moderate financing is accessible for patients who qualify. In case you’re not prepared for surgery, you may think about Ultherapy┬«. This inventive technique tones and fixes the skin with ultrasound vitality for a totally non-surgical facelift and neck lift.

Converse with Dr. what’s more, our group today about your optimal makeover medications. We respect your inquiries and anticipate managing you to an answer you can be blissful about. In the event that you are searching for an accomplished, mindful corrective specialist in Houston, , please contact the Belage Center today.