become really tired so I want you to push through it lift that knee as high as you can pulse it up two three four five six seven eight keep going pulsing that leg up using the left glute to do all the work pointing the toes release it down fire hydrant to the side extend your knee bend

fire hydrant extend opening to sidestand then and open it think about is if you have something to kick that’s right beside you it’s about things keeping the shoulders square try not to be too much movement in the upper box just working that way very good keep going eyes are almost there extend nice side up and down side up and down now I’m going to think about if we’re drawing a circle with that knee

outside I’ll bend down so sighs up and down side keep going reverse the movement so we’re doing the same thing just reversing the direction of the circle side and down up side and down lift the knee up some down sad to sit back into Child’s Pose just take a moment to breathe from here let’s switch it right over to the other side we’re going to start by what I like to call our santan kicks is we’re just suntanning and lifting that top leg up lift it up and down two three again you’re resting your head in your hand literally just working that top leg and down up up keep going keep pushing you’re almost there guys I know you’re getting tired problems but just keep pushing yourself let’s come back up to our knee knee side plank

lifting that leg up and to pick it up and kick kick keep going guys you can do it keep those abdominals engaged kicking that leg hold flex your foot now we do not let that leg drop whatever you do keep lifting up now pulse it up two three four five take some oh good job three two and release next from here kick it up and two a simple one we’re just tapping the toe to the floor and then I like it right up using your right glute now coming up to center cross in the right drop it down to stock up and up and and cross and cross make sure you’re breathing lifting that knee up as high as you can each time lift it up

cross and down bitch out cross and left cold you flex that top foot all I want to think about is lifting that knee up as high as you can use those words hold and breathe and pulse two three four five six seven eight but for three two and down fire hydrant and down to the side extent 5×10 down Cybex turn I up to the side as you can and open take good job and down keep going now circle the new to this up and soft lift and down side lift and down side lift and down so lift and down you’re not feeling a burn by now you’re cheating okay so keep going now reverse the movement bring it up side and then up side and down up down up so really up side really keep going side release up side really up side release and extend that right leg very nice and from here lower down sitting back over to your child’s supposed to take a breather breathe in very nice job exhale let it go from here coming up to all fours and then here tuck your toes and up into your downward-facing dog stretch again giving your body a bit of a break here for just a moment

then walking your feet a little closer towards your hands we’re going to start with our other a set of squats this time your hands coming over to the tips you’re going to squat it down and bring it up now as you come up already think of squeezing your goals at the center of your squeeze bring it down and squeeze the difference between these squads in the first ones that our feet are slightly wider so thought of the edges of your mat as it’s possible bring it down and squeeze the glutes bring it down almost like you’re bringing the pelvis forward where does it come on and squeeze bring it down and Steve we were from here you’re sitting right into that squat reaching the arms were hold it breathing again remember it’s that visual you have a chair behind you’re sitting right into that chair reaching the arms up from here going into our jump

down jump squat up and M and four so really jump up high land right into your squat and keep going from here releasing back into downward-facing dog awesome job breathe again catch your breath walk it out on the spot pressing opposite heel into the floor just to give the back of your legs stretch and then sit right over to your feels very nice job guys

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