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Brazilian Butt Lift Enhance the beauty of rear  end. Specialist DR. removes fat from different part of the body through liposuction and use this fat for the surgery.

program this is a brazilian butt-lift challenge I’ve created for you to get results this program is a two-week challenge all the details to this challenge are down below in the description of this video so go ahead and read it through put in a nutshell it’s about 30 minutes long strictly working on your butt so if you stick to it for two weeks I promise you you will see unbelievable results on your booty alright so if you’re ready grab a map let’s grab some water and let’s get cracking okay guys so we’re going to start with your feet about six inches apart inhale and exhale coming into squat for one you’ll squat for two and three keeping the arms extended fingers reaching right up towards good keep going nice deep squats imagine they give a chair behind you you’re sitting right into that chair keep going engaging your abdominals as you come up drawing the navel to the spine very nice be going from down lower and squat and up take it all the way down and to the floor hands next to the side of your body palms are pointed up to the ceiling inhale exhale coming to bridge and push for two push-up fruits good as the hips and the pelvis come up your hands come down with full bring it down for fall almost like you’re thinking of touching the hips with the fingers exhale squeeze the glutes eight shop keep going whole ten and last one hold if you squeeze the glutes drop the arms down now from here we’re going to extend your left leg right up to the ceiling pointing the toes up to the sky think of touching the ceiling with your toes that’s what you want to think about as you’re holding this position deep breath in flex your foot you’re going to lower attach the knees and then point kick it up flex point to flex point three flex point four flex point five six and seven and eight holes and baby pulses with the pelvis up two three four five six keep lifting seven eight eight more you’ve got eight seven six five four three two one hold releasing your foot switching right to the next side extending that right leg pointing the toes lift the pelvis again things of touching the ceiling with lifting as high as you can very nice go ahead from here we’re flexing the foot lower attach things pointing kick one flex point two flex point three and for very important is that you don’t let the hips and the pelvis start to drop towards the floor you leave it up the whole time and pulse two three four five six seven eight each eight more eight seven ah four three two one very release his foot down then from here go ahead and slowly releasing one vertebrate and we’re going to roll over to our side now extending your top leg and then do that bottom knee forward and starting by kicking that top leg up and down to where you can relax your body we’re literally just working the leg here your knees point it towards the front keep going don’t think about opening the hips or anything your hips are square and lift and down draw the navel to spine you want always keep the core engaged send the toes here we’re going to bring ourselves right up to our knees side plank and kick the leg awesome two three four very nice kick that leg as high as you can the paddle and hips so that top knee is still pointed toward hold me reaching those top fingers like this flex you put a pulse two three four five six seven eight – pulsing we’re going to pivot now so I put into our hands and knees position extend that left and you tap the toes and up and two and three so we’re just kicking that left leg right up to the ceiling engaging through the left boot so the glute is doing all the work you keep kicking and up super easy would just tap and we taking that leg and then hold it here and flexing bending the knee and pressing down lift and cross and and cross and down so that left knee crosses over the right knee lifts Brazilian Butt Lift then it comes down lift and cross and and cross and Krauss very good keep lifting each time you lift that knee lift it up as high as you can very nice you’re almost there lift up nothing you flex your foot we’re just holding here please and drop navel to spine again you’re going to start to feel your muscle